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kate upton by bruce weber

Pierre Dal Corso

Daryl Hall and John Oates - Out Of Touch (by paulohf67)

This song is one of my newly rediscovered on my ipod favourites. Video clip with smoking finger, giant drum set 80s humour? -greatest thing ever created. Brilliant


so i got a new sim card for my phone, and i dawned on me that no one knows my number yet. so i decide to prank text my sisters. first one, worked brilliantly. second one, is more tech savvy and put it on facebook. all of a sudden random quotes from step brothers make me look un-hinged in a big way… that back fired. and now i presume she is asleep and wont take it down. I learned my lesson…. oops

i found this cover in the art room in high school in year 7. I almost had kittens-even though John was missing- and the minute i had my back turned someone drew a penis on it. Its really hard to believe that at that time i really believed i would never get a copy again. we really did not have the internet in 2000. its so weird. praise google!
nooooooooooooooooooooooo! this is all that creepy priest from deadwoods fault. i hate you creepy priest and i hate you kurt sutter! why gawd, why???